Giving Back


The Alaska Conservation Foundation


As a company that benefits from the natural beauty of our own backyard, we feel it is important to give back and protect this environment for future generations.

The Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) is our long-time partner in conservation and environmental advocacy.  Through our water bottle program we have donated thousands of dollars over the years to this great organization.  Learn more about the current environmental issues facing Alaska and consider contributing to the ACF.

Giving Back

The Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) was founded in 1980 as the only public foundation dedicated to Alaskan conservation.  It is an umbrella organization that disburses funds to hundreds of grassroots and local conservation efforts throughout the state of Alaska.  It is a local organization, and all monies stay within the state.  The ACF has been a key partner in protecting Alaska's sensitive environment, including the Arctic Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), the Tongass National Forest, and the Chugach National Forest. 

We fundraise for ACF by collecting donations from our clients for our logo water bottles.  For a $2 donation you get a souvenir with the Sockeye Cycle and the the ACF logos and contribute to a great cause.  Sockeye Cycle matches your $2 donation and gives to a variety of groups working on local conservation education and issues such as Lynn Canal Conservation, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, Yukon Conservation Society, Takshanuk Watershed Council, Taiya River Watershed Council and the Discovery Foundation.  Our combined contributions since 1995 have been between $3,000 - $21,000.  Contributing to these organizations helps ensure a healthy environment for future generations to enjoy.

Learn about the issues currently impacting the state and consider contributing to the ACF. 

Tongass National Forest - Finding ways of sustaining a healthy forest that balances commercial needs with conservation and restoration.  Clearcutting, road building, and privatization have harmed and continue to threaten rare old growth forest and salmon habitats. 


Bristol Bay & Pebble Mine - Bristol Bay sustains the world's largest wild salmon population, which makes it a mecca for wildlife and a cornerstone of the Alaskan fishing industry.  Mineral exploration continues to threaten the Bay.  If developed, the Pebble Mine would be the largest open-pit mine in North America.


The Arctic - One of the most unique and delicate eco-systems on the planet.  It is home to 450,000 caribou, seals, walrus, and polar bears and vibrant native communities.  Climate change has significantly impacted this region and the ACF has been at the forefront of the national campaign to prevent oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). 


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