Friday July 5 2013: Carcross and Montana Mountain

Having lived in Colorado the last few years I've picked up a several new hobbies. The latest summer hobby is downhill mountain biking. So when I came to Skagway and was invited on a mountain biking trip I had a preconceived notion of what would happen. At Winter Park they use the ski lifts in the summer to load your bike and haul it up the mountain for you. You pay for the lift access and then take as many runs down as you want. However, in Alaska downhilling is a little different. There are no lifts to take your bike up the mountain so you have to ride or push it up your self. Just about 1.5hrs from Skagway is a great little town called Carcross. It is in the Yukon and a great place to visit if Skagway is rainy and foggy. Carcross always seems to have some sunshine. But the best part is Montana Mountain or a downhillers paradise. At Montana Mt a man named Wayne has dedicated the last 15 years of his life creating and maintain some excellent single track mountain biking trails. There are runs with jumps, mellow blues and greens and some really difficult steep runs or some with lots of rocks for the more technical rider. The best part about the mountain is you can find a run for everyone you go with.

Anna, Rachael, Nolan and Mike