Surly Long Haul Trucker

Surly's Legendary Touring Machine

This is our recommended option for the Golden Circle Tour, or for a bike camping trip near Haines. We also rent panniers, tents & sleeping backs, and other gear necessary for the trip.


$65 per bike for the day,

$55 per day for a 2-3 day rental

$50 per day for a 4+ day rental

All touring gear available for rent as well.

Surly's Long Haul Truckers are well suited to riding the Golden Circle, or any other ride where you'll be carrying your own gear. Our LHT's are set up with dual bottle cages and front & rear racks. Panniers, BOB trailers, camping and cooking gear are all available to rent in addition.

Cost: $15 per hour or $65 per day, discounts for multi-day rentals.