Meet the Staff

Sockeye Cycle Staff


The administrative staff, managers, mechanics and guides at Sockeye Cycle are the most resourceful, knowledgable and enthusiastic people you will meet. We come from a variety of backgrounds; some work summers guiding our day trips and working in the shop, others are long time Alaskan residents that guide our extended tours and work in the office. We have three year round employees and twenty five seasonal employees.

Whether it is tours, rentals, sales or service; at Sockeye Cycle you can expect the highest level of customer service, professionalism and passion for bicycling in our northern environment. Come and meet our team!


Thom Ely - President - Thom first came to Alaska in 1981 to work for the Young Adult Conservation Corp at False Island near Sitka. He fell in love with the Southeast Alaska environment and returned summers to work as a deck hand on a salmon troller. He moved to Haines in 1987 and bought an existing bike shop in 1988. He continues to bike, hike, paraglide, ski and enjoy the environment of Alaska and the world.

Becky Hill - Office Manager - Becky's love for Southeast Alaska began on a backpacking trip in 1994.  A year later, she sold nearly everything she owned and left the DC area on a 5000 mile road trip to Alaska.  After exploring around the state for a while, she found her paradise in Haines.  Becky's biggest passions are cross country skiing and gardening.  After the summer garden is planted, then it's high time for biking, hiking and camping.  She lives in historic Ft. Seward with her two daughters.

Dustin Craney - General Manager Riding, fixing, and building bikes has been a big part of Dustin's life for the last 15 years.  In 2009, looking for a change of pace, Dustin jumped at the opportunity to work seasonally in Alaska.  Since then, the positive community, beautiful landscape, and endless adventure opportunities have made it home. Dustin is recently married and is working on building a home in the area with his wife Katie, who also guides for Sockeye Cycle.

Paul Duyckinck - Paul came to Skagway in 2014.  From one windy city (Chicago) to another (Skagway), he has spent the past four years riding his bike all over the country.  He loves spending long days in the saddle and helping people enjoy cycling. 

Matt Jillson - Matt has a passion for international bike touring and exploring alpine regions. He has been guiding for the past few years living out of the Pacific Northwest.  He believes in educating others to help protect our wilderness areas. He also loves spruce tips!!  

Gina St Clair - Gina brings thirty years of Alaskan experience and thousands of miles of road cycling to Sockeye’s long tours. Gina drove her VW bus from Wyoming to Alaska in 1985, with a degree in Outdoor Ed,  and has made her life here, cooking in remote camps, teaching school, commercial fishing, and guiding, running her soap business, and being a mom. Always in motion, Gina keeps active snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, and cycling when she’s not in the garden or the classroom. For the last dozen years, Gina has pursued her passion for cycling adventure, competing each year in the regional bike race and touring Alaska and the western states, camping along the way. 

Lee Close - Lee drove his Tacoma truck from Texas to Alaska in the early 90's. He still has the twang in his voice but his heart is in the North. After many seasons as a fisheries technician his passion for the bike got him a job as a guide for Sockeye Cycle. He spends most of his time in the Yukon with his wife Nicole and dog Keta cutting wood on his lot, cross country skiing and playing disc golf.

 Katie Craney - Katie first came to Ala ska in 2004 and has worked for the National Park Service in both Gustavus and Skagway AK. In addition to Sockeye Cycle, Katie guides bicycle tours for WomenTours. She balances life in the saddle by working as Conservation Coordinator for a local conservation organization, and creating artwork.  Katie has recently received a commission and a museum showcase of her work in Haines for 2015.

Anna Barton - Hailing from the deep south, Anna Houston Barton is from Greenville, South Carolina. Whether in the mountains or on the road she's an avid cyclist, and enjoys seeing life by bike touring. Anna's open and energetic spirit draws her to people from all over the world. She's a traveler, can't sit still kind of person, and creative soul. #tandembicyclesmaketheworldabetterplace


Stephanie Palmer - Hi everybody! I am originally from northern Illinois, attended college in Wisconsin, and have spent the last 4 years traveling around the United States doing seasonal jobs in environmental education and bike safety/advocacy. The mountains are what drew me southeast Alaska, as well as calling the White Pass my office for the summer. During my free time I enjoy dancing, winning cribbage, hiking in the Tongass National Forest, and eating cheese. Come visit me at Sockeye Cycle for an awesome adventure!


Alyssa Koziol - When tasked with writing her bio, Alyssa asked her friends and family to come up with a word that they thought described her. This is what they came up with: refreshing, outgoing, adventurous, curious, smart, spunk, warm, caring, laughter, smiles, free-spirited, and loving. We agree with all of them! Alyssa's outgoing and always up for an adventure. She loves meeting new people and would love to talk to you about some of the long distance bike tours she's ridden.

Brian Kaeter - Brian had his first Alaskan experience last summer working as a salmon processor in Bristol Bay. After traveling around the state when his contract ended he knew he had to find a way to get back. With a background in bicycle mechanics and a love of all things outdoors, Sockeye was the perfect fit. Back home in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Brian can be found out on the trail canoeing, cross country skiing, backpacking, running, snowboarding, and cycling. Brian is excited to wrench on bikes and be back up in Alaska!


Jeff Hu Guide, Skagway - Hey there.  Jeff here.  I’m from the “Biggest Little City”, A.K.A Reno, NV.  A little bird told me about ol’ beautiful Skagway, so I decided to check it out.  It’s my first year working as a bike guide and my first time in the state of the Sitka Spruce (Alaska). I like long walks to Yakutania Point, ice cream cones, and climbing.  My favorite mammals are the Marmot and Sea Otter.  Here’s to a great season.  Cheers!

Erin Kennedy Senior Guide, Skagway - Kennedy joins us from the Midwest, but is no stranger to mountains and big open space.  She has been working seasonally for the past couple of years working on trail crews in Arizona, shredding powder in Keystone Colorado, and running bike tours down the Klondike Highway for the past two seasons. She has also completed a few long distance big tours around the United States and is looking forward to the next adventure her life brings.  

Chelsea Schwerbtfeger Shop, Skagway - Chelsea will be working in the shop for the summer.  This wont stop her from getting out on her bike to shred trails and zoom up the Klondike Highway.  Originally from Santa Cruz, California, she has spent the past couple of years checking out the West Coast working seasonally learning new skills, meeting new friends, and having a great time.  She spent last summer in the interior of Alaska and is looking to get to know SE this summer in Skagway.


 Brad Langford Lead Mechanic, Skagway - Brad drove up from Gainesville, Florida.  He is a seasoned mechanic that can pretty much fix anything you need him too. Brad loves the outdoors so much he is spending his summer living in the woods and eating 30% of his body weight everyday to stay strong.  When not wrenching on bikes he keeps on moving until the sun goes down; which is pretty late in Alaska.  He loves riding, hiking and being outside to enjoy that beauty that is Skagway, Alaska.