Fat Bikes

Great for river flats and snowy trails!

These 4" wide, low pressure tires offer traction and floatation on soft surfaces. Fat bikes are fun year-round with a variety of destinations near Haines accessible for a ride.


$65 per bike for the day

$55 per day for a 2-3 day rental

$50 per day for a 4 + day rental

Hourly pricing available in our shop, clipless pedals, and other gear available as well.

Try one of our demo fatbikes! The 4"+ tires stay on top of soft surfaces like snow and sand and open up new riding options all year round. Current options include Surly Pugsley, Specialized Hellga and Fatboy, and Salsa Mukluk and Beargrease bikes.

Cost: $15 per hour or $65 per day, discounts for multi-day rentals.